Webserver's settings

In this section you will learn how to configure email sending, backup your monitor’s config and setting to an existing Gitlab Infra, connect to a ldap server, auto-backup your KV store, change the data retention periode.

server settings

Webserver Settings config

A. Go to the Settings panel

  1. The auto-backup retention defines the number of weeks to keep the data
  2. Set the SMTP config to be able to send report, comparison graph by email
  3. Set the Gitlab info to be able to save/update your monitor’s config in your Gitlab infra
  4. Set the LDAP info to be able to connect to your LDAP server
server settings


Below are the steps to add smtp info

server settings

To check that you smtp info are correct, proceed with a test:

server settings server settings


Below are the steps to add Gitlab info and check that connection to your Gitlab is fine:

server settings


Below are the steps to add LDAP info and check that connection to yourLDAP is fine:

server settings

Webserver log

A. Go to the Logging panel

  1. The log level defines the maximum log severity message to log, the max backup defines the maximum number of log files to keep, the max age defines in days the oldest log entry to keep, the max size defines the number in MB for a log file to growth up to, the log compress allows to compress the log files

B. Click on update

server settings

LiveView the webserver logfile

You might want to check the webserver log file while it is running to debbug things. It is easy to access the current logfile straight form the webUI.


you can can change the webserver logging settings, for instance to have a more verbose log entries.
  1. Click on this icon button to open the live view in a modal window
server settings
  1. The live view of the webserver’s logfile should display
server settings

Download all the webserver logfile

It is sometime necessary to check all the webserver logfile, to get them you don’t have to connect to the server, instead you can download them from the webUI.

  1. Click on this icon button to download all the logfiles of the webserver
  2. A notification window box will appear at the right corner
  3. A zip file containing all the logfile of the webserver should start downloading
server settings