Backup and Restore

Backups are automatically performed every 8 hours, and they have no effect on the component’s performance. The retention period for backup files is specified per component.


Backup files are timestamped.

KV store backups can be performed on demand for individual components or all at once.

Backup all at once

This operation will backup the KV data store of all enabled servers in the list.

  1. Click on the backup all KV store button

    backup all

At the right bottom of the page, you should see the below status

backup all

Backup indivudual component

  1. Select the component whose KV store you want to backup and perform the backup.



When performing sensitive task on the component host server, it is recommended to perform a backup of all enabled components. Please refer to the paragraph above “Backup all at once”.


To restore the data of one component from a backup is simple. In order to restore a backup file, you must first stop the component, then copy the backup file in the dbs\backup folder and paste it in the dbs folder in the component installation directory, then you can restart the Mugnsoft component.


You can only restore a backup file from the same component.

When restoring a backup file it is recommended to restore the backup file of the other components as well. No doing so could lead to inconsistent data.