Welcome to the Mugnsoft user guide

What this guide about is?

This guide was written to help you quickly become productive with Mugnsoft products.

What is Mugnsoft?

Mugnsoft is a business application performance monitoring software that gives you and your workmate self-service access to tools you need to keep your business services up and running all the time. Not only monitoring your business is a critical mission but doing so ensures also a smooth user experience for your business customers.

With Mugnsoft, it is simple and easy to a create business’s scenario involving web transaction flows and turn it into an automatic job scheduled at a specific time interval.

Mugnsoft was designed with a simple to install, deploy and administrer mindset. You can set up and deploy your first Mugnsoft infra and business monitors in a matter of minutes. See here’s how to install Mugnsoft

Mugnsoft’s access control features is really simple and make it easy to safely delegate control of tasks to those traditionally outside of operations.

Out of the box, Mugnsoft gives you capabilities that would be expensive to develop and maintain in-house: schedule report, downtimes, run on-demand business scenarios and generate on-demand error report.

If you require technical support, more features or more monitors, please check our subscription plans The focus of Mugnsoft, our commercial offering, is on making Mugnsoft production-ready and enterprise-scale.

Who makes Mugnsoft

Mugnsoft is developed by Mugnsoft, SAS. All new users are welcomed to participate in the project and contribute. Please vote on feature ideas on the forthcoming Mugnsoft Trello Board.

Mugnsoft feature highlights

  • scalability: Add new probes components in a matter of minutes.
  • api: RESTful API to communicate with Mug’N Soft components.
  • single binary, no database: Each components comes as a single binary which make it easy to deploy. No external database required. Values are stored in an embedded KV store.
  • tagging: Organize and perform action on your data easily with tags.
  • advance alerting: Avoid fake alert by setting timeout or/and “number of retries and retry interval”.
  • live view: See in real-time the scenario log as it is being run automatically or on-demand.
  • security: inter-process SSL communication, HTTPS navigation, password encryption.

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