Send data to Elasticsearch

For this integration we will send directy Mugnsoft integrator’s data to Elastic.


We assume that there is no firewall rule preventing Mugnsoft integrator to communicate with Elastic. We assume that you have the right credentials to perform Elastic configuration if required.

Configure Mugnsoft’s integration with Elastic

Add/Update the Mugnsoft integrator with Elastic info

Update or add a Mugnsoft integrator component with Elastic info. Do not forget to check the Enabled box.

elastic's integration


Upon testing if the elasticSearch instance can be reached a index called Mugnsoft will be automatically created. That action is equivalent to hitting the Elastic REST API endPoint with the below PUT request:

PUT Mugnsoft
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "timestampCreated": {
        "type": "date" 

relate the Mugnsoft integrator to its monitor (if not already done)

Attached this integrator component to a selected Mugnsoft monitor component.

elastic's integration

Check your Elatic dashboard

You will start receiving some events in Elastic.

elastic's integration

Copy/paste the below SPL to get some statistics on your monitors global average response time.

index="Mugnsoft" name != '' | 
where isnull(transactionName) | 
stats avg(responseTime) as avg_responseTime by name | 
eval avg_responseTime=round((avg_responseTime),2) | 
rex field=name "'(?<name>.*)'" | 
rename name as "Monitor Name" | 
sort -avg_responseTime | 
rename avg_responseTime as "avg response time (sec)"

elastic's integration

Disable the Mugnsoft/Elastic integration

If you want to stop sending the monitors’ data to Elastic. Edit the integrator component and uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox.